Saturday 11 November 2017

Adeptus Mechanicus Tractors - err - Galvanic Servohaulers

Adeptus Mechanicus Tractors from the Galvanic Servohauler Box.

These are great kits with a limited degree of exchangeable bits, although I have to say they look best the way you are supposed to construct them according to the plan.

They are easy to put together and chunky and tough so very robust to play usage.

The back of the small tractor cries out for a rear platform and enginseer or servitor to be added as a controller.

The full boxed set is great value at about Twenty Five of our Brexit Pounds.


  1. Looking forward to your take on the large rig. Must pick these up soon.

    1. I'm working on it.. Have applied first coat of orange.

  2. Hi John
    Me likey are they weapons or scenery?
    (you know I'll buy a set whichever they are)

  3. Scenary....wait until you see the crane....