Saturday, 23 December 2017

Xmas Miniature - Tau Stormsurge

Finished my Xmas Miniature Project, which is destined as a display model for a friend.

The white crystalline covered base is, of course, a necessary feature.

Did you know the Tau use squirts of liquid nitrogen to cool the barrels of their really big guns between shots?

I don't know which planet the Tau have invaded but I suspect the Hand of Nurgle somewhere.

Another photo showing the Tau Ethereal directing operations from a hover drone.

One hell of a recoil from that cannon, which seems to be targeting aerospace assets.

Still think Nurgle is involved.

And that's all, people.


  1. Dear John,
    Either Ethereals have very good ear protection or this one is stone deaf, assuming that the plasma cannon is heats the air in its track as much as I assume.
    it is a marvelous piece of work!
    A very happy Dave

    1. This is have to check in your common sense at the entrance.

      Glad you like it.