Monday, 29 January 2018

Scratch Built Imperial Navy Fury Interceptor P1

I have this yen, to build a Fury Interceptor as a terrain piece for combat within space ship landing bays.

The first thing I need to know is what a Fury looks like. Well it is big, up to 100m long and comes in various marks of different size. But the only GW pic I could find its not terribly useful.

I found these two pieces of superb artwork all over the net. Unfortunately ,I don't know who the artist is. They show a turret at the front and lascannon hanging off the wings.  Wings on a Void Fighter are a bit strange. I suppose this thing could enter atmospheres but it's unlikely to be much use and certainly can't fly .

Actually few of the Imperial Navy's aerospace fighters can fly either. They have impossibly awful drag coefficients and some have wings that generate negative lift.

Putting lascannon on the wings makes no sense. It will generate the maximum turning force on the vehicle and cause the wings to flutter. If one is shooting at a tiny object a kilometre away the smallest wing vibration will wreck accuracy.

Incidentally, photons are only massless at rest , which is a theoretical concept. Moving photons have momentum and a fighter is subject to Newton's laws. So any laser weapon pumping out enough photons at short enough wave lengths to damage a target will cause a kick back.

The long thin shape does make sense . Assuming the nose is pointed at the enemy to bring weapons to bear (irrespective of what direction the fighter is actually moving)  gives the smallest possible cross section to return fire .

The best way to think of one of these is not as a fighter plane, but as a motor gun boat.

So off to my work table.


  1. They would never have gotten away with it in my day... :)

    1. Rick, you are awesome. Thank you for your services to Gaming... just saying ;)

    2. never got away with all sorts of stuff in your day, Rick. They still covered table legs. :)

  2. This will be great to see coming together John.

    1. More photos tomorrow of the build. I shall try to log it. Winging this one as I go along.