Thursday, 30 April 2020

Tank Girl + Tamiya T55

Tank Girl

Tank Girl is a Reaper Bones 25 mm or small 28 mm model. It is a bit under-scale for a 1:48 tank but, given that she is a petite Asian girl, I think it works.

The tank is Tamiya's new T55 model. It is a great kit, fairly simple but fitting together perfectly.

As it is for wargaming, I left off some of the tinier bits: they would only drop off with handling.


The T54/55 is arguably the most successful post war tank - around 100,000 built. It was a game changer. Conceived as a medium tank to replace the T34/85, it was so capable that it made production of heavy tanks like the T10 obsolete. Along with Western tanks like the Centurion and M48, it ushered in the Main Battle Tank era that persists to this day.

Size Comparison

When you compare the T55 model with a 1:48 model of a British Warrior, you realise how big are modern AFVs.

The T55 weighed around 36 tonnes. Its modern replacement, the T90 weighs in at 48 tonnes while a British Challenger 2 is 62.5 tonnes. Even a Warrior is 25.5 tonnes and that is without the heavy armour and large high velocity gun that make modern tanks so heavy.


  1. Greatl looking Tank Girl and tank, John!

  2. Brilliant great work on the T-55 or as I like to call it the AK-47 of MBT

  3. Are you thinking of kitbashing a Stuart for Tankgirl's ride, John?

    Regards, Chris