Friday 10 July 2020

Fabius Bile's Creations

Fabulous Bill With Escort

Having finished Fabby Vile and his Little Friend I have set about creating a small warband with which he can smite his foes, a force of Renegade Marines that have turned to Slaanesh - cue maniacal laughter.

Slaaneshi Chaos Marines

First up is a straightforward Chaos Marine squad in the colours of the Dark Prince. It's a fire support team with an autocannon.

Noise Marines

My second unit is a squad of Noise Marines with a kitbashed sonic weapon. One can't get sonic weapon parts at the moment - there's a war on, you know.

Sonic Weapon

The sonic weapon started life as a plasma gun with various bits added to suggest a loudspeaker of the sort one finds on poles at outdoor events.


The business end with targeting lens etc.

Stippling 1

I experimented with a stippling dry brush method to create wild, clashing colour blends suitable for followers of The God of Excess. I didn't really have a suitable brush and made a few missteps.

Stippling 2

I think I started to get better towards the end.

Golden Weapons

Golden weapons, what else for the Prince of Luxury?


  1. Great looking renegades John, awesome colour choices, looks like they have modulating colours to there armour

    1. The technique is interesting. I need a better brush and more practice,

  2. Unsuitably lewd comment for Slannesh !

  3. These look great, John!

    Kromlech makes some fun sonic weapons - if you're looking for any more. I've used them for a few of my own Noise Marines - just for some variety!