Friday, 4 December 2020

A Life on the Ocean Wave


The Fleets

I have been painting and basing some miniature battleship-era navies, recently. My interest ranges from the later pre-Dreadnought battleships to the super Dreadnoughts of WWI.

On the left are Royal Navy WW1 1:3000 models from Davao. This is a powerful formation of 5 Queen Elizabeth Class and 5 Royal Sovereign Class ‘modern’ battleships, escorted by 3 C Class cruisers and 3 Destroyer flotillas.

To the right are 1:2400 pre-Dreadnought minis from Tumbling Dice. The light coloured decks are Russian and the dark brown decks, Japanese.

This is my story, this is my song,
We’ve been in commission too bleedin’ long
Roll on the Nelson, the Rodney, Renown.
This two funnel bastard is getting me down.


  1. Great Fleet, more ships of the line than our modern RN! Hearts of Oak would be a better title as Life on an Ocean Wave is the RM March ;)

  2. Great looking fleets, John.