Thursday, 5 March 2009

Arvus Lighter

I wanted a shutttle for my Inquisition teams and eventually settled on the Arvus Lighter. I have upgraded it with an Old Crow resin autocannon to 'militarise' it. I will probably play it using the Aquila Lander datasheet. It is nice and clean, as befits an Inquisition transport. I may buy some Inquisition brass emblems to decorate it from Forge World.

The Arvus is available from Forge World.


  1. Great idea for an Inquisitional transport! I was thinking of scratchbuilding something one day, but I think with the Inquisitional symbols, the Arvus would look great!

  2. Thanks, It is a nice model. One of Forge World's better efforts. It goes together easily and is not too pricey.

  3. That would make quite the Ornithopter... Dune 40K ahoy!