Friday, 13 March 2009

Da Big Red'Un

My Ork Fighta-Bomba is a kit-bashed Chinese MIG 19 from Trumpeter (1:35 scale: as an aside, 40K works better with 1:35 than 1:48 even though the latter is the theoretical best scale). The rockets are Old Crow.

It is equipped with two sets of twin-linked big-shootahs, in pods under the wings and slung under the nose, a set of rockets, and an internal bomb bay. A twin-linked big shootah in a turret behind the cockpit guards the tail.

Not the aftaburna pipes in the tail and the ventral, vectored thrusters.

This example is flown by Flyboy Buggles and his trusty grot-gunner, Algy.

Bugguls is famous for inventin the reverse, tail slip immulman slide - now known as a bugguls spectacular.

This came about when, in his excitement, he forgot to remove the guard squig from the cockpit before taking off. Flyboys often leave guard squigs in their planes' cockpite when they are on the ground to prevent unscrupulous gits from twoking their ride.

The squig attempted to chew Buggul's right leg off when he was being chased by an Eldar fighter. He opened fire in retaliation wiv his slugga down into the cockpit, shooting away some of the stabalisation controls before he subdued the squig and tossed it overboard. His plane incenerated the overshootin tree-huggar wiv his aftaburnas.

Several flyboys have attempted to emulate the feat, stuffing their cockpits wiv attack squigs and shooting up their conmtrols at random, but the results obtained have been disappointing.


  1. Orky ingenuity at it's best! Very nice piece.

  2. Thanks
    Da Mek was well pleased wiv it.

  3. Hi John
    Shaun here just touching base like the background to Buggles' machine