Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Magister Anakwanar Sek's Lieutenant

This is a model from Maow Miniatures.
I thought it was perfect for a Chaos officer in the Sons of Sek regiments.
Note the mask to cover her face as Sek is the Anarch "whose voice drowns out all others".
When i have finished my Blood Pact (hollow laugh), I intend to model the Sons.


  1. And her lack of shirt will distract those weak-willed loyalist Imperial Guardsmen long enough for her to slice them up!

    Nice. :D

    Have you seen Dvdhwk's Sons of Sek? Might give you some more inspiration. He's busy with law school and hasn't posted in a few months, but he has some good pics at

  2. Dear Techpriest,

    Great site. Thank you for directing me to it. All female Maow Minitures have impressive chests.