Monday, 16 March 2009

Ork Clash

Sunday Game

My mate Sean's Ork warboss disagreed with my my warboss about who was to be warlord. Naturally they settled it the traditional Orky way - wiv da stompas.

Sean fielded a stompa supported by battlewagons, deffcoptas and truks. My warboss turned up with his Skullhamma and Flyboy Buggles made an appearance over the battlefield.

The deffcoptas showed a miracaculous ability to survive by jinking, surviving my supa-gatler without loss; it did jam on the first burst.

Buggles had minimal impact on the game. He slammed two supa-rokkits into Sean's stompa, but they bounced off the armour and then he was chased off by dakka from the truks and battlewagons.

I charged Sean's stompa with mine, inflicting terrible damage and winning the game.

The only problem is that it is possible that the driver was stunned when it charged. So I may have won by cheating. Oh well, all's fair in love and war.


  1. I think winning by cheating (inadvertently of course) makes the victory even more Ork-like.

  2. Absolutely Geek.
    A little thing like being knocked unconcious wouldn't stop a true Ork Boy from chargin' da foe.