Monday, 2 March 2009

Baneblade II - A Plaguereaper of Nurgle

I have a renegade Nurgle army so the Plaguereaper conversion of a Baneblade was just too tempting and, as Oscar Wilde so pithily put it, ‘The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield’. My efforts are shown in the photos.

The model was quite extensive converted by the use of Milliput. This may not be the world’s best modelling clay but it is cheap and I am used to working with it. A useful aid was the modelling tool from Citadel. The paint job is built up in many successive layers:
1. Black Citadel undercoat spray (this is the best undercoating agent you can get),
2. Dark Brown (e.g. Citadel Scorched Brown),
3. Mid brown,
4. Mid Green,
5. Puky green (e.g. Citadel Camo), and
6. Translucent bright yellow (e.g. Bad Moon Yellow).

I tried to put something interesting on every surface of the tank so that there was detail wherever the eye rested. I put on Milliput boils, Milliput goo, nurglings, arms etc and even a zombie in a tattered Guard uniform emerging from bubbling goo at the back – this usefully covered up Imperial symbols.

The original model is currently on display at the Maidstone Games workshop

The datasheet is on p. 172 of the Apocalypse rulebook.

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  1. Very nice work! i love that green paint.