Sunday, 5 April 2009

Da Black Baron

The Orky Air Force continues to expand.

Here is the personal plane of dah Black Baron himself. He wanted a bronze ram on the front, which gave the mek some issues. The first flight ended after ten metres wiv a large hole in da runway. The solution was to put da worky bits in the tail to balance it out. Da mek struggle wiv da fuel tank but made a special seat tank for da Black Baron to sit on.

In da MkII vershun, the air intakes were underneath the bow but they kept getting body parts in da turbines so da mek had da genius idea of putttin' 'em behind the pilot. Provided da Baron rams his hat on tight da jobs a gud'un.

Da fighta ain't so fast but it can turn on a grot's buttocks. Note the vectored thrusters under the tail (courtesy of Old Crow - see sidebar).

I used a SMER 1:48 scale Fokker DVII as the basis of the model, lowering the top wing. This is a robust child's model that is great for kitbashing. Allsortsemporium sells it for under a fiver (see sidebar).

The turbines are off a drop pod and the rockets are Robogear. Everything else is off GW Ork sprues, bikes, wartrucks, etc.

I took the plane into action this afternoon with my track-boyz. Da Baron shot up some guardsmen and slammed two rokkits into a Basilisk. Unfortunately, they failed to go off. Da Baron then ran into the massed fire of twelve pintle mounted storm bolters. Only one burst hit but it took out the fighta's single engine. Da plane would still dive OK but had da trouble pulling up.

I won't reveal who won. After all, the honour is in the taking part, not winning.


  1. Nice looking kitbash! I'd still put my money on a Thunderbolt in a head to head fight though.

  2. good stuff. check out
    I think I used the same plane when I did that a while ago. good thinking, it's great to do this stuff.
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Dear Geek,
    I heard of a guy using a Spitfire. What a travesty! A Spitfire isn't a dream to those of us who live in Kent, it's a national icon. It is far too beautiful to be an Ork Fighta.
    PS There is always the English version of the Thunderbolt - the tankbuster Typhoon/Tempest.

  4. Dear Capitola
    Oh yes!
    Nice model.
    I have some more fighta's on the way.

  5. Ha ha! I love Ork aircraft. They look so fun to fly.

    And the best part is, you could probably use that model in a game of Canvas Eagles (which, if you've never played, is a fast, easy, superfun WWI airplane model game:

  6. HAHA, Love it. Absolutely love it!