Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Finished Sentinel - New Kit

I have finally got round to finishing the sentinel for display at GW. I was asked to paint it in urban warfare colours to match the infantry that Rob is painting.

I used the old trick of putting 'ard coat on shiny areas by brush after spraying with matt varnish. I tried to put 'grease' around the leg piston joints but was not very happy with the results. I used to thick a brush. The grease is scorched brown mixed with white glue.

But on the whole, I am pleased with the result. It is an easy kit to paint as it drybrushes well on nice crisp detail.

A real winner. I have already advane ordered mine.


  1. Very nicely done there John. Can't wait to get my hands on the kit!

  2. Nice work Jon. I like the subtle grey with yellow scheme, and am really lookingforward to seeing how your finish your base.

    While most folks paint in somewhat the same manner, almost everyone diverges greatly on their basing techniques...

  3. Glad you like it guys.
    GW will finish the base so it fits in with the figures in their cabinet.