Friday, 17 April 2009

Siege of Vrak Sideshow

Unknown to the Imperium, Eldar came creeping from their webway onto Vraks. They searched an area of the planet well away from the contested city. A place where there is an old ruined temple. Other warp-energised eyes saw them. Eyes in psychers that passed messages to the Cardinal from the Gods. The aliens must be stopped.

A Vrak Renegade force sneaked from the eastern city to interdict the Eldar. The Cardinal sent two Malcador and an infantry platoon including a squad of Disciples and Enhanced Ogryn. The force was heavy in artillery with light and heavy mortor batteries and an antitank battery.

The Mortor barrages forced the Eldar to make a lightning strike at the Vrak line with their elite aspect warriors. After some initial successes, notably slaughtering the anti-tank battery, the warriors were attrited away by massed autogun and heavy bolter fire, and hand to hand combat with drug crazed Ogryn. All the time, mortors pounded their main force.

Both Malcador suffered engine failures, a fault of the breed, but served as immobile strongpoints.


The Eldar withdrew, leaving the field to the renegades. Whatever was in the temple was now the property of the heretic cardinal.


  1. There are some great looking pics there, thanks for sharing! I was interested to see that you leave your casualties where they fall - its an interesting look (it sort of leaves a 'map' of where the battle has been!)

    Where you using the official FW siege of Vraks list by the way? How do you think that's going to stack up against the new IG codex?

  2. Yes, I was mostly using the FW list, with some minor modifications.

    I would guess that the new IG codex will be more powerful, following GWs usual policy. The Vrak list will probably require modification.