Saturday, 25 April 2009

IG Codex Tanks

I have been having a look at the Leman Russ variants in the new codex.

The basic rank and demolisher remain the same. These now have the only ordnance weapons.

1. The Exterminator is back with uprated autocannons which are now Heavy - 4, twin linked.

2. The Vanquisher has a pure anti-tank gun with a 72" range. It's S8, AP2, Heavy - 1 but it rolls two D6 for penetration.

3. The Eradicator nova cannon is a sort weaker, long range Demolisher with R36", S6, AP4, Heavy 1 Large blast marker. Targets do not get a cover save which is useful.

4. The Punisher is an anti-infantry gem with R24", S5, No AP but 20 shots. That is not a typo!

5. The Executioner is a half way between the Demolisher and the Eradicator with R36", S7, AP2, Heavy 3 Blast.

I will probably retain my Demolishers, Standard tanks and Exterminators as I have the models and they are a good mix. I will definitely be fielding at least one Punisher.


  1. The punisher sounds very good - that's enough shots to take down a good number of plague marines even!

  2. Sounds like a lot of choices for tanks. None seem too bad to take either!

  3. Don't forget that all Leman Russ' now have side AV 13- a definite improvement from the old 'dex

  4. You can look also here for more details:

  5. Yah, us tread-heads are well served by the new codex. Crush the heretic under your tracks, hur, hur hur....


  6. Jetbikes have a 3+ armour save as well...

  7. Above coment was targeted at the Hydra post...