Thursday, 30 April 2009

Da need fo Speed

Anuvva Orky Fighta.

Da Mek has been eksperimentin wiv a new sorta fighta for da Flyin Circus. He felt da need fo speed so dis one has been made from a flyin Barrel. Da wings, tail bits an rudda have all been reduced. Ir was fast but completely unstable. Da flyboyz don't mind that too much as they like a bitta manooverbility but it kept fallin out of da sky before shootin up da enemy.

Da Mek came up wiv da solutshun employin da Orky know wots. He attached wires from da control surfaces to a grot in the fusalage. When da fighta started to go out of control da grot gotta da eletric shock from da wire. He could only turn it off by pushing a control stick in da right direction. Dis left da flyboy in da cockpit to point da nose any direction he wanted and da grot sorted out da airydynamic.

He calls it da 'fly by wire' system.


  1. Jut rememba ...... lung unkontrold busts - lol

    Loving your stuff mate :-)


  2. Nice plane there. I like those old style air racers. Though I never would have thought to make one into an Ork plane, it looks great.

  3. Dear Colonel

    Gotcha. Push down da leva an give it plenty of Dakka.


  4. Hi Geek

    I did not know what this model actually was until a friend pointed it out. One can see the family relationship with American fighters of the period. I understand the racers were death traps.