Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Atlas Armoured Engineer Vehicle

I had an old Leman Russ spare so I stripped off the turret and added an Old Crow vehicle crane. It fitted so well that it might have been purpose made. I weathered the hull much more than the crane as I wanted to give the impression that it was a salvaged vehicle with a shot up turret that had been converted in a field repair unit. I added a recent model of a bulldozer blade to add to the engineering 'feel'.

Possession of the battlefield after a mechanised clash is always very valuable because many non-runners are not write offs but can be salvaged with varying degrees of difficulty. One also gets the chance to destroy enemy equipment so it can't be salvaged.

One of the first wargame books that I every bought was by Donald Featherstone. It had a desert war scenario where a broken down tank had to be salvaged and towed away while under fire. I intend to use the Atlas for such themed games that I find more interesting than competition battles.

This vehicle will also come in useful as a special mine-clearing tank for Siege of Vrak type games.


  1. It's nice to see a less common tank. Especially one with a real purpose!

  2. you should make less tanks

  3. you should come and makeout with me