Thursday, 21 May 2009

Vrak Renagades Support units

The siege of Vrak is a WWI game of mud and blood.

I continue to rebase my troops as per the advice of the Drunken Samurai in muddy brown.

Mortors are the local artillery for siege games so I have a battery of light and a battery of heavy mortors. The heavies still have their aquillae (aquillas?) on as they have only just been taken out of storage by the renegades and rushed to the trenches.

I also have a battery of lascannons that I have modified by placing on wheeled carriages. I wanted to get an archaic WWI look. The renegade weapons are from Imperial Storage and include 'obsolete' (how does that fit the fluff Forge World?) and second line equipment. The carriages are 1:35 scale Emhar WWI British field guns.

Finally, if anyone wonders what happened to the turret off the Atlas then yere 'tis. I fixed it on the top of a Void observation bunker. I wish that I had bought more of these when they were dumped on the market after Void went bust as they make marvelous turrets but, there it is.

The final pic is the turret in action, fighting off the great Wabbit-Daemon of Olde Englande


  1. Sweet Jesus, the Wabbit-Daemon looks gargantuan with that turret in the foreground. haha

  2. Well done on all of these. I'm particularly fond of your mortar bases because they seem so natural. There's even one base where it looks like the two renegades are talking to each other, no mean feat with two tiny soldiers wearing gasmasks.

    I also quite love how the weapons are all a plain grey, as if they were just rushed out of storage. The decal on your turret look great, I think I'd like to see them on all the mothballed weapons. What says munitorium more than a long serial number?

  3. Damn good showing that, I love a man who works down to the letter (just finished reading through the Vrak campaign)and those look brilliant, what heads did you use or are those stock FW renegade militia heads?


    BH Senior Editor

  4. Dear Darksol

    That Wabbit-Daemon is the familiar of my youngest daughter and it so so big because it lives on the fat of the land. It will only eat meadow hay with herbs.

    And I am definitely calling in the Order Xenos if it eats the foam on my figures case again.

  5. Dear Rabid
    I have started putting much more effort in my bases after constructive criticism from this community. I still have my colour-vision problem, however. There ias no way to fix that. :)

  6. Dear Syxx
    These are stock forge world head and torsos (single moulding) on a Cadian lower end, so to speak.

  7. John,
    My comments were entirely complementary, these are looking great!

  8. Dear Rabidchild

    Yes, I was very heartened by your comments. I do not mind constructive criticism though. I am learning all the time from you guys in the 40K blog comunity.

    with very best wishes

  9. Beware the rabit with sharp pointy teeth! Sorry but the rabit instantly made Monty Python and the Holy Grail come to mind....

    Nice looking models!

  10. Thanks Jester.
    The darn rabbit can take a chunk out of one.