Saturday, 30 May 2009

Vrak Renegade Trojans

I had a couple of spare Chimera chassis so I made up a couple of Trojans. One has a tow/crane on the roof and the other has a larger cargo bay and a rear hatch.

Trojans are lightly armed and armoured supply and logistic vehicles. Their main use is resupply of artillery ammunition, towing heavy guns, and general transport. They are easy meat if attacked.


  1. love them. i especially like the old stlye search lights and again the weathering techniques are flawless.

  2. The conversion work is excellent as usual. Two point stand out as extraordinary: the weathering on the front cab of the Trojan with the crane. The rich dark brown to dusty brown to faded blue in the recesses is a thing of beauty. The other point is the brass-etch chaos icon on the top flanks of the cargo Trojan. The dark stain around it isn't obviously blood, but on reflection it is obviously sinister. Well done John!

  3. I love the weathering on that, and I like the way that it looks recently turned traitor, with hastily scribbled symbols. I also managed to fix the name...

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, chaps.

    The stain is brown wash. I had intended to paint out the overflow around the icon but when it dried I found I rather liked the effect. As Rabid notes, something very sinister has clearly been done over those icons.