Friday, 11 December 2009

Ramos & Hopkins, Malifaux

Hopefully, some better pics. We are close to the shortest day of the year in Northern Europe and the sun barely creeps over the horizon. So there is not a lot of light.

Ramos is the President of the Miners & Steamfitters Union, a front for the Arcanist organised crime syndicate.


  1. I like your Samael. Ramos is nice too. Did you pick up the M&SU and Witchhunters boxes? If so, enjoy Sonnia. She was so much fun to hammer out during playtesting, and she's probably my favorite master.

  2. Dear AoM
    Yes, I bought both starter packs.
    I am having trouble mounting Sonnia. I have tried superglue and epoxy resin. Milliput (epoxy resin clay) is next.