Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pinko Horrors

It's all a commie plot, I tell you.


  1. Learning something of your sense of humour through your blog, you will not be too surprised to learn that when I saw 'pinkos' in my updated links bar, I though to myself "Whatever he's posted it sure as heck 'aint gonna' be communists"...

    So you can further imagine how my head swole with self-righteous pride when I found you had in fact posted what is clearly a shot of died-in-the-wool capitalists, and capitalists who would appear not to have made any money since at least lunchtime and are as a consequence getting fractious!

    I suffered under a CEO once who is I think second from the left!!

  2. These guys look really cool :)

  3. Dear Maverick

    I do have the English sense of humour.

    I agree, the pinkos so look like corporate managers who haven't had an obscene bonus recently.