Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Russian Mobile Detachment - 1943

This is my finished Russian Army for the Rapid Fire Rules. Everything ia in 1/72 plastic.

It consists of three battalions, one armoured and two infantry (tank riders).

The armoured battalion has an HQ tank (T34-76), two companies of medium tanks (each of two T34-76), and a company of light tanks (two T26). In support, it has two batteries of self propelled anti-tank guns (each of one SU-85)

The first infantry battalion has an officer and three men (riding on the HQ tank), and two companies of tank riders (six men each, riding on the T34's). The second battalion has an officer and three men riding on the light tanks, and two companies of four men each riding on the SUs.

The T34s and SUs are from Armourfast kits and the infantry from Pegassus Hobbies kits. The T26s are actually Vickers light tanks from Airfix. The early Russian light tanks were based on Vickers prewar designs. They should really be T80s (or similar) but I have not got any. However, the Red Army had a huge number of T26s so it seems likely that a few were still running in 1943. Light tanks are all much of a muchness anyway. Too slow to keep up with median tanks so useless for reconnaissance, they were also deathtraps in combat. The Soviets called them a 'grave for two brothers'. Everyone stopped using light tanks during the war (note the successful Stuart was technically a medium tank) as reconnaisance was much better done by cheaper armoured cars, which were not expected to fight.

The infantry are mounted on spare GW plastic bases.

The total cost of this army is one box of infantry at £7, seven T34s and SUs at £28 the lot and two light tanks at £14: total £49.

This is wargaming on the cheap, without sacrificing the visual appeal of miniature wargaming.


  1. Very nice! Definitely going to have to get some 1/72 plastic forces together sometime.

  2. Dear Sons
    Yes, I am having fun. I have still to finish a few bases outside (when it stops raininh). I hate using static grass indoors as it goes everywhere.
    1943 Eastfront is an interesting period with both armies going througha fast paced revolution in equipment and tactics.

  3. I'm reading Gauderin's book at the minute (not actually as I type, but you know what I mean). Very interesting. Hans Von Luck was very good. Erhard Raus a little drier but still good enough not to tire of before it finished.

  4. Dear Zzz
    I am quite ready to believe that a gentlemen of your abilities can read a book and type at the same time.
    PS Have you read Michael Glantz's book