Monday, 6 December 2010

Alien Hunter Teams

Alien Bounty Hunter Team. One has the tracker (tricorder?), one a ray gun, and the other a heavy ray gun. These are Reaper figures and look wonderfully alien. They have obviously stepped straight out of the saucer as they are still in space suits.

Another Alien Bounty Hunter Team, from Fenryl this time. Fenryl resin miniatures are great but they come with the base as part of the miniature. This is intensely annoying as I generaly have to cut them off. This time I mangled the foot of one of the models, so I made him a peg-leg.

I use a Nikon SLR with an antishake lens to take the photos. Where possible, I use natural light. Up here on the roof of the world the sun is very low on the horizon and we only get a few hours of feeble daylight a day. I took these pics using a one second exposure. I stood in front of the sun so the models were in my shadow.

The pic below shows what it looks like in direct sunlight. The light has to pass through a thick blanket of air to reach Kent in Winter; air that is polluted by the activity of the 22,000,000 people who live in the London region. The result is very pastel light.


  1. Please feel free to borrow some of Oxfordshire's light to suppliment Kent's.

    Oh, nice alien hunter (alien hunting ?) teams. I have the same issues with Fenryll figures, having taken the feet off more than one of them. Oh well, c'est le resin.

  2. The alien team has the feel of "Mars Attacks". Definitely straight out of the flying saucer!

  3. Cool stuff. You remind me I need to learn far more about light.

  4. Dear ZZZ
    Oxfordshire? You're north of us. :)

  5. Dear Jabber
    Mars Attacks! You're right. I hadn't made the connection.

  6. Dear Porky
    Light is the key to photography - so I'm told.

  7. Those aliens are the best.

    22 million people live near London? Wow. Is it a colossal trafic jam?

  8. Love the reaper team,very good stuff.

  9. I think both sets look great - very well done on the painting.

    Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack.


  10. Dear Igi
    Oh yes, spectacular traffic jams. We have large public transport networks in and out of London from the suburb cities in the Home Counties. You go to work on a train. The M25 London orbital motorway is supposedly the largest around any city in the world. It is known as the Magic Roundabout or The Largest Car Park in Europe.

  11. Dear Lurker
    I highly recommend Reaper; good models, good service, good price.

  12. Dear Igi
    RE: Population of London region.
    Obviously it depends what you include but the following is the population figures for London and the Home Counties (the counties immediately around London that contain the outer suburbs). It does not include the outer-outer suburbs to the west.

    In the 40 odd years that I have studied and worked in London, mostly working in central London, I have lived in Middlesex, Surrey and Kent: but never in London itself.

    Greater London - 7,512,400

    Home Counties
    Buckinghamshire - 725,400
    Essex - 1,712,200
    Hertfordshire - 1,078,400
    Berkshire - 812,200
    Middlesex - [Postal address only - popn included in other counties]
    Kent - 1,660,100
    Surrey - 1,109,700
    Sussex (East) - 766,400
    Sussex (West) - 781,600

    Total 16m

  13. Dear John

    Almost a full country of mine lives in the Great London area. :) I bet your public transport works better than ours.