Thursday, 30 December 2010

Astral Claws - Retaliator Squad

The Astral Claws Space Marine Reliator Squad is an Elite Choice for a Badab Legion. They have void-hardened armour for boarding. They are supposed to have combat shields but I don't like the shape, so mine don't. I have yet to add the Chapter Insignia. I am looking for cat-like transfers.

The armour is more greyish than appears in the photos. The bases are mosaic chips from Hobbycraft. I wanted to get the look of the floor of the Tyrant's blue marble palace.


  1. They look good. Any plans for a Corpse Taker?

    There are a ton of decal downloads at the Bolter and Chainsword. Some might fit what you're looking for.

  2. Dear Sons
    Brilliant, thank you.
    They have just the thing.

  3. The Sarge is very cool! Like him!

  4. Hi John
    I have some of the old circular empire shields with lions head masks embossed on them if you would like them. I'll sort them out from my spares box for you to look at; no obligation. I've also just aquired a couple of the High Elf war lions, If your Astral Claws would like some pets

  5. Dear Shaun
    Thanks, sound good. See you Wednesday.

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