Sunday, 8 May 2011

Scrap Ova Da Scrap

Big Mek Metlebasha wuz clectin scrap in da remains of da hoomie city when Warboss Snozgut y mate Shaun) announced dat de scrap is needed for his noo battlewagon. So dey has a scrap ove da scrap.

Metlebasha's boyz assembled for battle - see above.

Snozgut rounded up some boyz wiv truks an bikes an things to give de upstart Mek a good kicking.

Snozgut's sneaky battleplan was to charge across open ground at da windy spanna-boyz an grots.

Snozgut's lads were met with a hail of rokits that smashed his trucks. One entire mob of boyz were incinerated when a rokit blew up the fuel tank.

His biker-boyz charged da grot tanks and were annihalted by a hail of grotzooka fire and burnaflames. The remnants were sliced up by da killer cans and da Dread.

Snozgut rallied his boyz and was about to call a Waaghh when a rokit hit him between the eyes, lodging in his skull. Snozgut gota bit confused and led da boyz in a charge in da wrong direction leaving Metlebasha in charge of da loot.

He had in mind a new speshul project.


  1. Egg sell ant. Espeshullie da kommunterry.

  2. Da good grasp or Orkish is sential.

  3. Da Boyz got da potery in da soul, dat an killin.