Friday, 6 May 2011

Stylish? Moi Part 1.

The deluded but very stylish Admiral Drax has declared JTS to be a stylish blog site:

"not only is his wide-ranging blog always interesting, John also seems tremendously personable and unfailingly polite to any who comment. Thanks, matey!"

Thank you, Admiral.

Apparently I have to reveal seven things about myself. So here goes:

1. I was born and spent my childhood in the surfing town of Newquay.

2. I was a Mod in the late sixties, wore a parka with a rabbit fur trim, and drove a yellow Lambretta with six mirrors.

3. I once worked in retail management for Marks & Spencer.

4. When I got my first paycheck I bought a bright yellow Spitfire sports car that was so unreliable it was known as the 'Yellow Peril'.

5. I ran the first Bring & Buy stall at Games Day when it was in London at the Royal Horticultural Hall.

6. I named a new genus and species of deep-sea worm with vicious teeth after my wife (Batheurystomina valeriae).

7. I'm a visiting Professor of Oceanography at Southampton University.



  1. Wow mate, not your average war gamer are you!

  2. Dear Red
    My wife always says that I am not average. I am not sure she means it as acompliment.

  3. He's right though, unfailing well mannered in person and on the 'phone, as well as in the blogosphere.

  4. Hi John
    Errr.. Have you told Val about the worm bit?
    or should I prepare space for a sleeping bag in my shed?