Friday, 16 September 2011

London Defence Laser Test

The next alien battlefleet to appear over London is in for a hell of a shock. Torchwood successfully tested the new aerospace battlelaser last night on a Ryan Air flight out of Luton. It successfuly disintegrated the airliner putting the passengers out of their misery. The new weapon was designed by a brilliant Cambridge physicist known only as 'The Doctor' and built by Sontaran Industries in Texas.


  1. I applied at Sontaran Ind here here in TX. They said I was too tall and now warlike enough for the job.

  2. Aw, great. Now you all have to drink Retcon.

  3. How long before this becomes a CIA influenced
    conspiracy theory on the Internet?

  4. Dear Mike
    Retcon? As in retro-continuity?

  5. Dear Louis
    Indeed, actually it was to advertise something to do with star wars.