Saturday, 24 September 2011

NASA asks for its satellite back

NASA asks for its satellite back. Professor Wulfgang von Stalheim at NASA said "We must have dropped it somewhere. We know we had it yesterday but when we checked in the back of the van it had gone." NASA's crack team of astrologers have narrowed down the location of the missing item from the study of chicken entrails to Canada or Africa,or perhaps the Indian, Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.

NASA reminds any finder that the satellite is theirs, unless it has dropped on someone's head, in which case it is Russian.


  1. I wonder if the vagueness in working out where it is, or was supposed to be, is linked with funding. With all that debris hanging above out heads, there's a strong case for a flow of cash.

  2. The last line is priceless

  3. Dear P
    It would be a novel way of getting a grant,