Sunday, 18 December 2011

Power Sword - Chameleon Nanoflakes

This is my first experiemnt to coat a power sword with Chameleon Nanoflakes, again using a clear varnish as the medium (Citadel Gloss). It is very diffcult to photograph this in late December even at midday as we have no sunlight - the the system depends for its colour on the exact angle light strike the plane of the surface.

Vevertheless I have attempted to shoot the model holding it in one hand in the window, while wielding the camera set on macro-close up in the other. Very far from ideal. I rotated the model to give some idea of the effect - which is inevitably very subdued by the dim grey light coming through the window.

Please scroll down.


  1. The second to last picture gives a good idea of the effect John. Looks pretty good.


  2. Dear Dimitri
    It is wierd stuff, but fun.

  3. Interesting painting technique. I was not aware of it before reading your post. I had seen it on Custom Cars in the past and might use it on future Flash Gordon models.


  4. Dear Tony
    I believe it was developed for car modding.