Saturday, 10 December 2011

Raid on Shaun's Flat

"Sweep Group to Foxfire?"
"Come in Sweep Group."
"Inform Lord Wolfram that the extraction is comprised. Ultramarines detected in ambush."
"Foxfire to Sweep Group, attack and destroy the minions of the corpse God. Lord Wolfram himself has decided to join the raid."

The Ultramarine vehicles move forward.

Illuminati infantry advance of left flank. Predator takes up overwatch position on right flank.

The Predator makes a kill.

The Predator makes a second vehicle kill, the Razorback, while the full power of the Ultramarine ambush is revealed. The first Illuminati squad is wiped out, except for two who run away into cover, and the Rhino is burned killing two of the second squad.

Lord Wolfram teleports down with his elite body guard and engages the Ultramarine command squad.

 The Ultramarine command squad and the second Illuminati combat squad are wiped out.

The Ultramrines fire a steady barrage wounding Lord Wolfram and killing all but one of his bodyguard. He teleports out after killing the two cowards skulking under the bridge. The Predator glides away to a rendevouz with a pick up shuttle.

The raid has been a failure with the artefact unsecured. Lord Wolfram has had a really bad day.


  1. As a Emperor's Children player, I always love seeing your purple John.

    And I really like the terrain!

  2. Dear AH
    The Illuminati are heading down a certain road to damnation :)

    The terrain is by Shawn Murphy.