Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Drop Zone Commander 'Clearance Sale'

Total Wargamer have a clearance sale running offering what looks like pretty much the full range Drop Zone Commander at 30% off RRP. That's £20 off the cost of a starter army. Even the rulebook is 20% off.

Very strange for such a new line to be discounted so heavily so quickly. Does this mean it is selling incredibly badly so TW are dumping or that it has sold so well that economy of scale is kicking in? Or maybe it means nothing at all!

But I have noticed some customer resistance here and here.


  1. The terminology "clearance sale" might be solely to grab attention in a sea of similar sellers, and 30% off isn't atypical for a regular sale. It doesn't smell like "we have to get rid of these while we still can" to me.

    The pricing on the buildings is completely insane. Is there no middle ground between print and build yourself and 200 piece premium kits? If Hawk cut the price in half would people snap them up? Hard to imagine.

  2. The building costs are too rich for my pocket. That's for sure.