Monday, 17 June 2013

Air Battle for France

I have always been attracted to aircraft wargaming but somehow it always disappoints. I try a new system for a while, get bored, and abandon it. I have tried crating my own with the same result. The last system I bought was Bag The Hun, which I soon gave up as it was boring and a bit of a mess. The rules couldn't make up their mind whether they were a squadron-formation game or an individual fighter on fighter game: a bit like trying to play Operation Goodwood while recording individual tank damage.

I think the problem is that air warfare just doesn't lend itself to a tabletop game and the scenarios all end up playing the same. The lack of terrain is undoubtedly part of the problem and the issue of reducing three dimensions to two when one of those dimensions, the vertical, has a force acting through it that makes it completely different from the other two. Perhaps this is why the only airgame I play consistently is WWI skirmish. WWI planes don't use the third dimension to the extent that later, stronger, more powerful machines could and did.

However I did like the models in a display game I came across. French fighters, above race to intercept the dastardly Boche, below.


  1. Replies
    1. I have a feeling they might be the Wings of War Commercial models.

  2. Andy Chambers has a very nice WW2 fighter combat game he's developing - very well paced and handles the whole question of height with a very clever advantage mechanic - should you get to Nottm again we'll have to hunt him down and give you a game!

  3. I rather took to Forge Worlds Aeronautica Imperialis, which had a very WWII feel to it. But yes, it was tricky to keep the scenarios varied and the vertical dimension was rather abstracted. The inclusion of a simple campaign system helped to give the games some context and twists (decisions about whether to play agressively or conserve your aircraft etc). Doesn't help much with 'pick up' games though.

    Keep hunting for that holy grail though, you know you really want to add some aircraft to your collection!