Wednesday 11 December 2013

Bolt Action Oberland Freikorps: Update

This is how far I've got with my Oberland Freikorps for Bolt Action.

I have so far:

Lt Gruber

Sergeant Spotter: with field telephone.

Heavy Armoured Car: captured Russian Garford-Putilov with 3 MMGs and a light howitzer in a rear turret.

Light Armoured Car: scratchbuilt form a Times Gone Past diecast toy.

Self Propelled Gun: light howitzer on an unarmoured toy lorry.

Rifle section: ex-stormtroopers with rifles, smgs and hand grenades from Great War Miniatures.

For those who care about such things, the pic is a five second exposure in a dimly-lit North European room with a large south-facing window rebalanced by Paint-Shop Pro to get rid of the worst of the colour shifts.

The same picture using a TTL flash on full Nikon auto bounced off the rear ceiling, lightly adjusted with PSP.

As above but using heavy light saturation by bouncing the flash of the close, left-hand, white, side wall. Brightness reduced by PSP.

Anyone have a preference?


  1. All are pretty good bearing in mind the crap light, but I'd go with number one as the best. Very inspiring work John, must dig out my Scheltrum figures soon...

  2. Dear Steve
    I should set up a proper miniatures studio but it means another batch ot technical kit filling my small south eastern cardboard box. :)

  3. Second picture - it seems more saturated.

    Great work on the figures.

  4. I think the second one is the better one as it has shadows and depth to it

    1. Interesting. That is the long way back bounce flash.

  5. The second one works best for me and the Freikorps look the business BTW.