Saturday, 28 December 2013

RAF Roller

One of the earliest British armoured Fighting vehicles was an MG armmoured car based on a Rolls Royce chassis. These were deployed in early WWI and were still soldiering on in the desert in 1940, having fought in Russia, India and China in the meantime.

This is a classic Copplestone model that I have painted as an RAF support vehicle in the Middle East in the interwar years.

It is straight out of the box except for the addition of a Lewis gun for AA protection.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Moiterei, I had a panic when the dregs of the Citadel wash dissolved/bleached (?) the paint.

  2. Very nice, must get one of these in 20mm

  3. Nice. That looks like it could have all sorts of uses though from the paint scheme I'm guessing you see a Middle Eastern location for it?

    1. I will probably use it for Russian Civil War and similar but it could easily feature in Sealion or VBCW games.