Monday, 13 January 2014

4Ground: Damaged Mid-Terraced House

I was given a voucher for the Rochester Wargame Centre as a present this Xmas and used it to buy a prepainted 4Ground 28 ml lasercut kit for a Damaged Mid-Terraced House.

The above pic shows the assembled model. It is straight out of the box apart from some Tamiya 'concrete' textured paint on the sides in case I want to use it as a stand alone terrain feature.

The kit comes apart to place 28 mm models inside and is beautifully detailed.

I really like these laser cut kits. They are more expensive than resin but they are light, rigid, do not shatter if you drop them and are prepainted.

I used standard white glue to stick it together.

Great stuff.


  1. those look fantastic for mordheim.
    any link to webstore?

  2. Tristan, look here:
    They do a wide range of 28 ml building from various eras.

  3. cool, pity they don't come in 20mm :(

  4. Lovely building kit. Certainly going to look into them if I start Bolt Action in 28mm.

  5. There is little not to like about these, I might be tempted myself.

    1. Surprisingly Michael there has been much criticism from those who prefer resin models. To each his own, I guess.