Monday, 27 January 2014

Bolt Action: Bolshevik Reinforced Platoon

Here is my completed Bolshevik reinforced platoon for Bolt Action, which comes in at about 750 points.

Regular Military Specialist (Tsarist Major), Inexperienced Lady Bolshevik and Commissar: centre front.

Infantry Sections
Two inexperienced conscript rifle sections (shirkers): left rear.
Regular Trotsky's Red Guards: front left.
two sections of Regular Petrograd sailors: right front.

Inexperienced half track armoured car with maxim gun and Renault FT 17 slow, light tank with light low-penetration anti-tank gun: rear right.

Fire Support
Regular field gun plus maxim gun team: right.

The above pic was taken with a three second exposure with the tripod on a wooden suspended floor. The one below is Nikon built in flash.


  1. Looks really good man.

    Nice paintjob, only criticism is the flags seem too neat and straight - I'd have curled them up a bit and varnished them to keep them in that 'windfurled' position. Right now they have that retro 40k imperial guard look going on :p Unless thats what you were going for.

    1. Yes, you're right. I left them stretched out to photograph the slogans but they would look better windfurled.

    2. Regardless they look damn nice :p May I ask where you game? I'm in the midlands, yet to get a game of BA but always on the look out for potential opponents.

    3. Dear Jack. I live in Medway, North Kent on t'other side of the river to you. Many people here play Bolt Action. Isn't Nottingham, home of BA in the northern Midlands?

  2. You've put the red in Red!! Great looking unit. Enjoy.

  3. Nice to see a truly red faction there John. Nice paintjob there and in my opinion the photos look better without the flash

    1. The flash shows detail but it bleaches out all the atmosphere.