Monday, 28 April 2014

Bolt Action: Chinese Warlord Infantry

This regiment was known as The Tin Hats, as they wore a Russian copy of the French WWI trench helmet.

The gun is a German WWI SMG.

Figures by Copplestone Castings.

This picture is from an early Osprey and the olive green uniform is probably incorrect. Light grey was far more likely.

More or less the same models with more common headgear.

A more recent Osprey.


  1. I really like the minis. Always been a fan of this turbulent period of Chinese history. The scale of some of the battles is really surprising, I don't think I ever learned about it in school. Thanks American public schools, you are less comprehensive than my wargaming experiences.

  2. History has not been well taught in British schools either, Chris. There is a huge for going on about the syllabus now.

  3. Very cool and unique figures!

    1. I get bored with painting the same olf stuff, Dean. I find the interwar period fascinating. Lots of odd armies.

  4. Very cool stone(s) you use as background for your figures :)