Wednesday 9 April 2014

Bolt Action: Panzer Mk III Special

This is one of the new Panzer III resin and metal kits from Warlord Games for their Bolt Action range.

The kit is superb, one of the best resin kits I have ever made. Every part has location lugs and it all goes together smoothly.

The Mk III was the primary German battle tank for 1942 & 1943. It was the mainstay of the Panzer Divisions at Kursk.

I have painted this model in southern eastern front colours.

Basically there were two types, the first with the early short barrelled 37mm and 50mm guns and the second from '43 on with a long barrelled 50mm: christened a Pz III special by British troops.

No pre 1944 German army should be without a Pz III.

They soldiered on to the end of the war in the guise of the Stug III assault gun.