Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bolt Action: Rumble in the Jungle - Burma '44

This is Camp Floating Lilly Pond located where a road crosses a river on a wooden bridge in the Burmese highlands. The Imperial Japanese Army, or to be more exact the portion commanded by your humble servant, have set up a road block force here under the command of fanatical Major Toyota (family motto 'no brakes, no recalls').

Toyota has set up his sole light Ha Go tank back from the bridge flanked by the loony-tune tank killers armed with bombs on sticks. He has kept his infantry back in the camp but placed his heavy weapons on the edge of the forest overlooking the river.

With a squeal of tracks, a mechanised reconnaissance in force detachment commanded by Lieutenant Morris (minor) approaches the bridge from t'other side of the river. He unlimbers his 6pdr and prepares to send his Sherman '75 over first.

The Sherman makes it over followed by a Bren Gun Carrier.

Toyota's cunning plan is to throw everything at the Sherman and the 6pdr. The chances of damaging either with the pop guns employed by the Japanese Army is minimal - note to self: not everything should be miniaturised - but these two powerful units are heavily suppressed bottling up the British attack.

The blue chips are suppression markers.

The British are pretty much still there on the bridge two turns later. Debussed infantry make a flank attack on the left but progress is slow through the tangled waterlogged vegetation.

Tommy has inflicted losses on Tojo while losing  little but calls off the attack as it is completely bogged down.

Toyota awards himself a medal and claims victory.

Lietanant Morris goes back to HQ to report. Toyota may be celebrating too soon as the throb of Merlins is heard in the distance.


  1. Fun report! I especially liked "No brakes, no recalls.")

    1. The car in front is a Toyotaaaaaaaaaghhhhh.

  2. A great report John, well done Sir.

  3. This is imply one of the bestest battle reports I have ever read. brilliant! Thanks, John!

  4. You always have a great looking terrain setup!