Monday, 19 May 2014

I See No Panther Tanks.

This is a piccy I came across on the web of a gentleman standing in front of a Panther at Bovington Tank Museum.

The shot is straight on so you can see the huge size of this mechanical monstrosity.

I couldn't resist putting a Warlord 28mm infantryman in front of my Corgi 1:50 scale Panther. Again the shot is straight on.

You will note that on his base the miniature is slightly taller than the real person. Now the gentleman above is almost certainly significantly taller than a 1940s European.

Draw your own conclusions, chaps.


  1. John thats a Tiger 2 not a Panther isnt it

  2. Yeah, that monster is a King Tiger... not a Panther.

  3. Yep, Tiger 2 (Porsche turret). I was there last year and took a picture at the same spot :). As far as I recall, there wasn't a Panther, but a Jagdpanther, as well as another Tiger 2 (Henchel turret) and a Jagdtiger!

  4. Blast, it IS a Tiger. Now I'll have to finish my Tamiya Tiger and do it all over again. Curses.

  5. It looked pretty accurate though! I'd say the models were spot on...and bloody hell that tank is huge!

    1. Oh yes, imagine being the DCLI in Normandy when they overran your position.