Saturday, 11 October 2014

Games Workshop Rebranding


Well, well, the Evil Empire has blinked.

GW is rebranding its retail outlets in the UK as Warhammer.

Rebranding is one of those panic measures undertaken by management when they don't know what to do. It gives an air of purposeful activity without actually changing anything or attempting to address  underlying problems.

Only an idiot abandons a successful, valuable, brand. But imagining that the problems of a toxic brand can be fixed by changing the name is fatuous. Where is Blackwater now?


  1. Wow, that's an unexpected and rash move!
    (I wonder what happens to 40k and LOTR players?)

  2. Well it all looks a bit dark and bland to me. Not the best way to advertise your company on the high street. And as the previous poster says, what about 40K and LotR stuff? I doubt it is for the chop, but you never know with these chaps.....

  3. Where is Blackwater now... unfortunately not extinct. It was rebranded twice, bought by investors, and merged. All the time doing business with the US government. So, it seems that those war-criminals are still at large. A bit changed, different people in the top... But still...urgh.

  4. Odd. Warhammer has a much more martial air about it, which doesn't chime with many of today's less military-approving citizens. Games Workshop at least sounded politically correct.

  5. Does not make much sense. I could not imagine that Warhammer would bring in more random foot traffic than Games Workshop for people who do not know what it is about already.

    People already in the know it does not really matter what the sign says.

  6. From my experience, I've heard quite a few non-gaming relatives or friends of players refer to any GW item/game/club as Warhammer. So, maybe there is some logic behind this, but I wouldn't of signed off on this act of desperation.

  7. That does look very dark and dingie. It reminds me of one of those particularly forbidding city centre pubs!

  8. Looks like an old 'adult shop'!

    F**k 'em...sorry, but I mean really...F**k 'em, the guys in the shops are generally nice, enthusiastic, helpful souls, who've bought into the corporate mentality, so it will be sad for them to lose their belief system!

    But there's so much more going on out there, and they're trying to take some of it back with the new rules for Nappies and WWII and stuff...but really; Die Beast, die!

  9. Really odd move.
    Games Workshop ...sounds like a place that makes games.
    Warhammer...sounds brutal. Good name for a Metal band.
    As an ex GW gamer when I hear Warhammer it's the Fantasy game I think of...the other game the kids play is Forty Kay is it not?
    Perhaps they will have 2 shops...WARHAMMER ...and... FOURTY KAY...?

  10. Forgive me if I don't reply to every comment this time. I agree with what you all have to say. One further peculairity, apparently it's only some shops that will be rebranded Warhammer. Go figure.

  11. wow. talk about running a gaming company into the ground. Maybe it will end up for the best (I hope).

    The last WHFB rulebook for Nagash & the undead sells for $120 Australian Dollars. Not happening.

    Happy Gaming Guys,