Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bolt Action - Moroccan Goumiers

Moroccan Goumiers were French auxiliary units in WWII.

They were distinguished by their traditional jelleba hooded coats that came in a variety of stripes.

Their most famous campaign was in Italy where they used their mountaineer skills to break the Cassino line, the key victory resulting in the capture of Rome.

They also built up a reputation for rapine but the stories lost nothing in the telling.

Weapons varied with time and place but Springfield rifles and other American gear was employed along with original French 1940 equipment.


  1. I'm enjoying all the unusual BA units you've been producing lately. I've just been focusing on boring old US 1st ID

  2. Beautiful Goumiers, great job!

  3. Looks great! Looking forward to the Sengalese when Warlord releases them!

  4. Great looking Native troops - you certainly captured the look by the coats.

    1. Thanks Dean, the models are very easy to painy.