Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review - HaT 28 mm El Cid Almoravid Heavy Cavalry

I have painted up a few more of my HaT El Cid hard plastic 28mm models: the  Almoravid Heavy Cavalry.

The only problem is that the thin plastic spears are a bit brittle. Otherwise these are nice models. They are from the same sculpts as the 1/72 figs so have the same style and look.

 They are to-scale models (I suspect 1/56) rather than chunky wargaming 28mm size models but the difference is not great. Above is one of the models placed alongside a Deus Vult medieval cavalryman. In my opinion the two will mix fine but then I am liberal on such matters.


  1. Nicely painted HaT cavalry, John. The comparison shot shows they aren't too out of scale with 28mm; particularly so as FireForge is on the bulkier side - at least their horses anyway.

    1. I think wargamers should really consider these HaT models. They are the only plastic El Cid miniatures available and are superb value for money.