Friday, 13 February 2015

Review - Wargames Tournament Bombed Out Buildings

My Berlin 1945 project meanders on - somewhere in the garage I've got a half built KingTiger tank and there's not many men can say that. Recently I bought a half dozen bombed out 28 mm ruins in laser-cut MDF from Wargames Tournament for the princely sum of Forty Quid.

The kits are a little tricky, for God's sake use proper wood-glue by Evostik or similar, but the results are excellent. There are even some tiny window ledges which I have chosen to leave off.

The basic kits without all the buttresses, etc, can be had for three for a tenner, which is astonishing value although personally I think the extra bits give a nice 3D effect. You also get lots of extras - like steps and gratings which will come in very handy.

A view of the rear. There are plenty of suitable places to stand your snipers and so on. Oh, ignore the weird effect caused by the flashgun. When I first saw this pic I thought my eyeballs had fried.

You could use the model straight from the packet but I will probably paint them up. Bombed out concrete buildings tend to be in various shades of light grey.