Sunday, 24 May 2015

Kings of War Beta V2, Undead vs Elves

 Army of Johannus of Kernow deploys for battle

Played a game of Kings of War using the new V2 Beta rules against my regular opponent, Shaun.

We used a constrained table and just 1000 point armies to represent a battle to seize an important road junction in a valley.

I fielded my skeleton undead lead by the Revanant King Johannus of Kernow and Shaun generaled a bunch of ballet-dancing elves.

Elf Blocking Force

The Elves appear out of a tastefully tinted azure mist in big blocks to hold the valley. First blood to Johannus when his skull thrower worked over one of the archer blocks.

View from the poetry spouters' catapult

Shaun's catapult returned the favour, giving my ghouls a few extra body spikes.

The thunder of tiny hooves

Enraged when the ghouls disparage their brass rubbings, the Elven cavalry puts in a charge.

Ghouls leg it

The ghouls do a runner but the Elven cavalry are not exactly in great shape either and the zombies approach at their best speed - about 2 KPH. Meanwhile general fighting occurs across the valley and the beat up bowmen break under my Revenant Cavalry attack.

The Undead left wing collapses

Things start to look a bit iffy for Johannus as the Zombie and Skeleton regiments remember an urgent appointment elsewhere.

Elves call it a day

The Elves come within one attack of breaking the undead army and then their left disintegrates.
As so often happens, a KoW game comes right down to the last few die rolls and could have gone either way.

It's interesting that my two favourite pick up games at the moment, Bolt Action & Kings of War, are both Cavatore designs.


  1. the zombies approach at their best speed - about 2 KPH

    Ah, I see they were having a good day :)

    1. They were spurred on by magical spells and a pitchfork up the rear.

  2. So what do you think of the v2 rules vs the v1 rules?

    1. To be honest, I only played the V1 rules a couple of times: but they seem very similar. Just some tidying up.

  3. Nice report. I always really enjoy playing Kings of War.

    1. Looking forward to next edition of rulebook.