Monday, 4 May 2015

Sudan Nuggar

The small 20 ton cargo boats of the Nile are known as nuggars. They feature heavily in the Sudan Campaign being used as ferries and to transport troops and supplies up stream on the north wind. Sometimes they were towed behind steamers in a train. I made the sail a bit small for practical reasons.

The boat is made from the Sarissa German Sturmboot model, This kit is a real dog with an oversized base, a gaping hole in the bow, and a water drive too long and fragile for a wargame model.

It is however cheap at £5 and gives one a launch shape suitable for conversion.


  1. Nice job hiding the join with the 'wake' it's a cool touch.

  2. Good, ole Milliput. I suspect a paper collar would have been easier but once I had stuck the model to that strange base I was committed.