Monday, 14 December 2015

Antares Ghur - Humbrol Multi-Effect Spray

I experimented with a new paint spray for these.

It's called Humbrol Multi-Effect spray and is intended to recreate the multi-hued, refracted-light paint used on the metallic paint of premium cars where the colour changes and blends according to the direction of the light. Up to now this effect could only be reproduced on models by mixing refractive crystals into the paint, a clumsy and difficult procedure.

We have nothing resembling sunlight in December in Kent; it's dark all day. So I tried to reproduce the effect by firing a Speedlight straight at the model. That doesn't really work, unfortunately.

The paint is designed for flat surfaces, like car bonnets, not the splintered surfaces of the Ghur models, but it does give an interesting effect.

To use, first prime the models in matt black then undercoat with black gloss before spraying the multi-effect in thin layers.

The paint comes in various colours and retails for a little under £10.



  1. The effect looks quite good, these could look good on Necrons too for an alien outerworldly effect. I like the plasma glow / lens effect you have done too, quite effective fella.

    1. I am sure I will learn how to use this stuff better but I am pleased with the first attempt.

  2. Replies
    1. I decided to go for amethyst rather than a bold colour like red or gold precisiely for that reason.

  3. My first thought was necrons as well. Great find.