Sunday, 27 December 2015

Battle of Calth - Tabletop Game

My friend David let me sit in on a Battle of Calth game that he ran as a tabletop wargame.

As I understand it he only made the following changes:

1. One hex equals four inches.

2. Allow  units to make two actions per activation. This rewards aggressive play such as jumping out of cover and firing.

3. And, er, that's it folks.

It all seemed to work fine. I am moved to get out my 40K stuff that has been in deep storage for years.


  1. Steady on. Too much mulled wine ?

  2. This is very interesting. I had thought that betrayal at calth was just a means towards plastic 30k figures. I had no idea the game was good.

    1. That was a sjocker for me too. :)

    2. I guess we'll get to stop playing 40k with Bolt Action rules. :)

    3. Now there;s a thought . BA 40K. Sounds a bit like Antares.

  3. This is something i had been thinking about, although I hadnt had a look / think about the movement distances yet.

    Think it could work very well and should be interesting as an alternative way to play.