Saturday 17 September 2016

March of the Spider Clan

Emboldened by the acquisition of a whole new hatch of giant spiders and the capture of a mega-spid, His Imperial Arachnidiss King Mighty the First, the goblin formerly known as Soddit the Sneaky, decided to bring civilisation to the stunty lands.

His victorious march down the Great Grey Road, lberating stunty mills and breweries as he went, was somewhat delayed - mainly by the liberation of the breweries - so that the Stunties had time to form a battle line on the plain below their mountain fastness.

Embolded by Stunty ale, Soddit ordered an immediate charge by the crack cavalry formations on the right and centre of his army.

Unfortunately, his wolf rider skirmish line held up the stunty badger riders for about the time it takes a gobbo to scream 'run away' and his crack orange-legs regiment, upon seeing this, somehow confused an order of 'charge ladz' for  'do nowt'.

[I rolled a bleedin' 1 on my first die roll: unfortunately a foretaste of things to come.]

Amazingly the forest gobbo allies on the left flank held their ground against a charge by a giant rock-elemental thingy and a stunty tank. Rumour has it they were too frozen in fear to run away.

Corse it couldn't last.

Soddit discovered that the problem wiv giving gobbos rides so they can get stuck in quicka also means that they can run away fasta.

A couple of rounds of combat and he found himself defending the right flank all on his ownsome.

After careful deliberation, our hero decided to make a tactical withdrawal back to the mega-spid to straighten his line.

Now, no one expects to win wiv a gobbo army but come on! This was embarrassing.


  1. At least you stuck it out and tried to turn it around. Also, nice models! The giant spider is particularly appealing.

    1. The Gobbos will be back. They breed like, well, goblins.

  2. Da boyz just needed more stunty ale - they probably went back to get some. Were you using the Kings of War rules?