Monday, 14 November 2016

Dr Who: Into The Time Vortex

Now that production is well under way, those delightful people at Warlord Games have sent me examples of the first models.

To remind people, I wrote the rulebook that will eventually be released to back these models. Working with a major IP property like Dr Who is an extremely complicated affair with many people having to approve of all steps, so this takes time.

When it came to naming the game, we thought long and hard. There have been a number of Dr Who tabletop games before so we couldn't just use a 'does what it says on the label' name like Doctor Who Tabletop Game.

I suggested "Into the Vortex": it may not be entirely coincidental that I had just finished writing a novel plotted by David Drake and called "Into the Maelstrom".....see my sidebar, top right..

Paul Sawyer of Warlord Games smiled upon the idea but felt that any Doctor Who game must include 'Time' in the we settled on "Into the Time Vortex".

Paul was editor of White Dwarf in its glory days and thinks much more graphically than I do and I have to say I very much like the way the title is displayed....I suspect the game will just be known as 'Time Vortex'.

The way the models are painted by the professionals at Warlord is subject to BBC approval, like everything else about the game but we amateurs can paint our minis any way we like.

I therefore intend to paint these amazing models and put them up on this blog, so it can be seen what a truly mediocre painter can do.


  1. Me too, on a related topic, what's happened to Dr Who on BBC? it's almost December and no Autumn season on BBC1

    1. It's on a rest for a year. I believe it comes back in 2018? With a while new line up.

    2. Christmas special is on the schedule like normal, then the next series with Capaldi runs in Spring 2017!

  2. I look forward to seeing how the miniatures look painted!

  3. I am hoping the rules are written so a non violent character might do well. Just like the Dr does. AND not so some muscle bound he man has the best chance of winning. As Dr WHo is the only male leadrole that does not resort to violence. Nice to have a male using brains to defeat enemies and not brawn.

    But the figures do look good.

  4. Hi John; I’m very excited for the release of these rules, and have started painting up some of the models in readiness. Your playtests look great! Any idea on an approximate release date?